Media Publishing
We will help you to become an author and or video/online content expert and get your voice out to the world, making you the authority in your industry. We also offer our own brand of books from children content to self help publications.

Marketing & Branding
We focus on marketing & branding solutions for small size companies. We also assist individuals stand out in their respective industry as leaders & experts.

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Creative Investing
Be it short term or long term, we have a creative investment solution for you. Time is money and our goal is to increase your money over time!

Sales Training & Coaching
Sales training & coaching for individuals and companies looking to increase their footprint in the marketplace and/or increase their sale conversations. ​

Career & Business Development
If you are looking for the next step in your career or business, we have success coaches to help you get their via our mentoring & Coaching Program.​

Our Products & Services

If you are ready to achieve success in any economic environment, if you are ready to be the authority in your industry & if you have an idea you need help drive to execution; we are your creative solution. Look below for examples of some of our capabilities​

DLB Worldwide – Fueled by creativity, driven by people

Life Designer

Do you lack personal happiness, Do you feel depressed, let us help you design a life of satisfaction and reached potential - If you have ever asked yourself "is there more to life", then our Life Designer can help you.

Pool of Wealth
Pool of Wealth helps people find their passions, build realistic goals to achieve success & improve their networking capabilities.​