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So we had a baby girl and she's 4 months now. Never did we think that we were capable of loving someone so much (other than each other) until she was born. She makes us WANT to do better, to GIVE her the best and BE the best for her and the world. 

What does that have to do with life design and cloth diapering you ask? Well, we figured that one day, she would ask us what we are doing for the environment, how we promote wellness and how we've achieved wealth. By using cloth diapers,  like Lil Helper diapers, we have checked off all boxes. Lil Helper has created all-in-one diapers and because the owner said they were designed with men in mind (their words and my husband will say they are right). They also are super easy to use. We've used them for 2 weeks now through their trial deal, and we love that our little girl's tush is redness and rash free and we haven't had one single leak.

One little grievance... ok two: Although we were told we would be able to use the outer diaper cover more than once, while only changing the awesome charcoal and bamboo inserts, we have yet to get more than one use from the cover.  So we have some practicing to do.. Secondly, after screwing up a few times we tried to find out how to do it right and we can't seem to find help online. But we're keeping at it because in the long run, we will spend far less money on diapers, put far less disposables in our landfills and most importantly, our little girl will thank us later for using one of many healthy products on the market on her. She's worth it!

Product Spotlight 

Lil Helper Diapers 


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