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Self Help Resource - 3 Steps To Riches

This book is for the everyday person looking to take easy to follow and practical steps to move to a place where they can have more and do more in life. Money is only a tool to achieve your dreams and desires. 3 Steps to RIches teaching concepts to gain access to more wealth and improve the possibility of success in your life

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Children's Book - My Dad Is A Superhero

My Dad is a Superhero brings out the creative spirit of kids and how they view police officers. Police Officers are every day superheros and this book helps to share what these modern day superheros do everyday for the community. Meet Lester who is a young boy who has yet to figure out that his father is a police officer. All Lester knows is that he thinks his father is a superhero because of all the amazing things he heard about his father. 

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Children's Book - Do Not Open This Book

Are you brave? Are you daring?  If you’re not any of these things then you should not read this book. This book was created for children not afraid to see things from beginning to end without stopping.  “Do Not Open This Book” is a great bedtime story for imaginative children looking for excitement, intrigue with a hint of being scared